Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fatherhood: Free Will, The Call

Free Will
God's great love for man was shown first when out of all the creatures formed by God in this world, man was created with a free will. Being created with a free will is the highest gift God could have given because without it, we could not freely choose to live with God at the end of our earthly life. We could not achieve varying levels of grace according to our actions, nor could we ever gain a greater understanding of God which could only result in a greater capacity to love God and man around us. When man has a greater capacity to love, he has a greater understanding of God.

The Call
Since we are called back to God, as our ultimate end, we each receive a special and unique invitation in this world by God. Each one of us, no matter who we are, receive a calling, which is most unique to anyone elses. No matter where any human finds himself, that invitation is always present by a great loving God. Fatherhood is a calling too, an invitation from God, a great opportunity to live with God, to see God revealed, a great gift, to live one's life in a particular capacity of love, within marriage.

Again, I am quoting The Sisters of Life Magazine on Fatherhood, maybe its because I find the words there to be on the cutting edge of today's world's need. They, the Sisters, serve the needs of single mothers supporting the sacredness of every human life. "The strength of a man lies in his willingness to give of himself totally to his wife and children."
I think this statement carries with it the window through which God is revealed. Has anyone ever heard that a person's image of God is developed through his own father? If this is true, wow, what a role of importance a father has.

We know that nobody is perfect, which brings up the thought, if an earthly father is broken or weak but still loves his family, may we not think how much more God loves us, accepts us and treasures us, He who is infinitely perfect?

So the role of Fatherhood is so important and if that invitation or call is accepted, then the love of God is able to be revealed through the father, to the child with a greater degree. The world overall benefits with this revealed love.

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