Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Lady and the World Today

Our Lady of Fatima vs Communism

The very first attack by a Communist movement is God, then the family unit, beauty in all of its forms. They know very well that to control a population ideology must be taken away. If the family is separated, the children are easily controlled. They also know when immorality is pushed, it weakens the human strength, and man is no longer wanting to fight for what is right. man actually forgets what is right. So why do I write about this in a blog which concerns itself with the Catholic Church? It is because, the very attack of Communism is taken against everything the Catholic Church exists for. Communism opposes God, opposes family, opposes morals, opposes inalienable rights of humans such as freedom.

Communism first showed up in Russia in 1883 as the Emancipation of Labor Group, which later turned into the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. This group was based on the theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. While WWI was raging on, in February 1917, Kerensky, a Russian who had joined the Socialist Revolution Party, called for the removal from power Nicholas II. Nicholas II was making errors in his governing decisions and in this weakness, the Communist Party pushed themselves into governing Russia. In April of 1917 the Soviets held a conference a worked out plans for the take over of Russia. By October 25, 1917 the Soviets declared control of the Russian Government. Nicholas II, his wife and five children were murdered by a Bolshevik firing squad in July 16-17 1918. November 6,1991 is the actual date of the end of the Communist Party in Russia. In the year 2000, Nicholas' wife, Alexandra Fyodorovna, was canonized and called a Saint in the Russian Orthodox Church. In 2003, a church was consecrated on the spot of the shooting of Nicholas II and his family.

It is very interesting to note, that Our Lady shows up, in Portugal, around the time of the Communist Party plotting and planning the take-over in Russia. It was around the year 1916, when first an angel appears to three illiterate children, ages 5,6 and 9 years of age. These children cognitively cannot comprehend the theories of grown men like Marx and Engels, and government take over. They live a very simple life of sheep herding far removed from Russia. Though between the months of May 1917 to October 1917 , the exact months communism grabs hold of power in Russia, these children now 6,7 and 10 years of age begin to speak about the errors of Russia and Communism. How could children possibly understand the errors of Communism? How is it possible that they kept to their story even when they were place in such great peril of losing their lives had they not change their story of seeing a beautiful woman, a woman who told them Communism has errors that were about to spread around the world if we do not do what she asked. The eldest of the children was beaten by her mother because the family lost their crops to people trampling just to catch a glimpse of this beautiful lady. Any child would surely give up a foolish idea after the first story came out from them, but they prophesied and kept up with their story for 6 months plus. The two youngest children died two years after the events of visions, just as they had prophesied. The oldest was told she would live a while longer, again a prophesy. She did live longer, 87 years longer.

I am about to tell you a remarkable story about Fatima. A singular event that took place in 1917, an event whose purpose and mission is meant to help the world achieve Peace. It took place during the middle of WWI, before WWII, Korean War (for Americans), Vietnam War, Kosovo War, Gulf War, the attack on the World Trade Towers followed by the Iraq War and now the Afgan War. Fatima took place before all these wars. Is anyone listening now?


  1. " May the mutual and sincere condemnation of Nazism, as with atheistic communism, be everyone's duty for the building of reconciliation and peace on forgiveness."

    11th Paragraph:
    Thursday, 19 May 2005

  2. "Then there are the other social forces and ideological movements which oppose Marxism by setting up systems of "national security", aimed at controlling the whole of society in a systematic way, in order to make Marxist infiltration impossible. By emphasizing and increasing the power of the State, they wish to protect their people from Communism, but in doing so they run the grave risk of destroying the freedom and values of the person, the very things for whose sake it is necessary to oppose Communism.

    Another kind of response, practical in nature, is represented by the affluent society or the consumer society. It seeks to defeat Marxism on the level of pure materialism by showing how a free-market society can achieve a greater satisfaction of material human needs than Communism, while equally excluding spiritual values. In reality, while on the one hand it is true that this social model shows the failure of Marxism to contribute to a humane and better society, on the other hand, insofar as it denies an autonomous existence and value to morality, law, culture and religion, it agrees with Marxism, in the sense that it totally reduces man to the sphere of economics and the satisfaction of material needs."

    Paragraph 66&67
    Ioannes Paulus PP. II
    Centesimus annus
    To His Venerable Brothers
    in the Episcopate
    the Priests and Deacons
    Families of Men and Women religious
    all the Christian Faithful
    and to all men and women
    of good will
    on the hundredth anniversary of
    Rerum Novarum