Monday, November 14, 2011

Update : Two Sister Cities!! Fatima, Portugal-Selcuk, Turkey

"More than half of the pilgrims are Muslims who feel that Mary’s House is the home to Meryem, the mother of Isa (Jesus) the great prophet of Islam."....." For this reason, Muslims from Turkey, Iran and other nations make pilgrimages to see the stone house."
" It seems that in Ephesus, at Mary’s House, the two religions find a common ground in the Blessed Virgin. It is a beautiful thing to witness.”
" only one week before our arrival in Selcuk, the mayor announced that he had finalized plans to become a Sister City to Fatima, Portugal. “The mayor and a small contingency is planning a trip to Fatima later this month to meet with their counterparts in Fatima,” the Bishop added."
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