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Socialism and Communism in America

Barack Hussein Obama has received praised by the Communist Party USA for getting the ball rolling, found in an article dated January 29th, 2010. In the 2008 presidentail election, Barack Hussein Obama was in the Socialist Party voting lever.
"A better and peaceful world is possible — a world where people and nature come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA."
"The core forces for social change on a mass level have to see themselves as an organized and disciplined force that is not only blocking the extreme right-wing by voting for Obama, but is positioning itself to fight for the progressive programs the country needs.
As Mary Kay Henry, president of SEIU, said upon endorsing Obama for re-election, "We will fight shoulder to shoulder alongside working families across this nation. We will show the one percent that they aren't the only ones willing to fight for America's future."

Sound familiar? Does it not seem like this is what Americans are seeing happening to our own country through the actions of Obama under the guise of "Change"?  American core ethics of Freedom of Religion being destroyed by the latest HHS Mandate. Years of erosion to God in public schools.  Other ways are the attack on God by removing Him from the public square through the aetheists America.  The American families are constantly under attack through pornographic images found everywhere through magazines, television, public schools teaching same sex marriage as normal. The Morals are being attacked by Planned Parenthood though their educational tools. It seems as though Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness is slowing disappearing, and the defining line between right and wrong is being erased by the same forces.

"The 2012 election is shaping up to be an epic battle in a debate about what kind of country do we want to be. As shown by the campaign in Ohio, the labor movement is gearing up for its biggest mobilization ever."
The following statements are taken from Internationalist Socialist Review.

"Economic Crisis" CAPITALISM IS an economic system that is inherently crisis-prone."..."For Marx and Engels the only solution was democratic economic planning–socialism"... "Marx and Engels did not believe that capitalism would produce socialism of its own accord."If the working class accepts the consequences of every crisis, then the capitalist system will persist until it produces the "common ruin" of all. And so a revolution is not a given, or simply up to the course of history. As Marx and Engels once argued, "history does ‘wages no battles.’ It is man, real, living man who does all that, who possesses and fights; ‘history’ is not...a person apart, using man as a means to achieve its own aims; history is nothing but the activity of man pursuing his aims."81 Our aim must be the overthrow of the crisis-ridden system of capitalism and its replacement with socialism."

Congressman Danny K. Davis D-Illinois
Receives Award from Communist Party-Chicago, Illinois

Every Catholic Pope from 1846 to our present age, 2012 have denounced Socialism and Communism.

The following list are the Encyclicals written by the corresponding Popes about the errors and evils of Communism and Socialsm.
Pius IX :"“You are aware indeed, that the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism, by confusing them with perverted teachings.”
(Encyclical Nostis et Nobiscum, December 8, 1849)"

Leo XIII : “They [socialists, communists, or nihilists] debase the natural union of man and woman, which is held sacred even among barbarous peoples; and its bond, by which the family is chiefly held together, they weaken, or even deliver up to lust.
(Encyclical Quod Apostolici Muneris, December 28, 1878, n. 1)

Pius X : "“But stranger still, alarming and saddening at the same time, are the audacity and frivolity of men who call themselves Catholics and dream of re-shaping society under such conditions, and of establishing on earth, over and beyond the pale of the Catholic Church, ‘the reign of love and justice’ ... " A mere verbal and chimerical construction in which we shall see, glowing in a jumble, and in seductive confusion, the words Liberty, Justice, Fraternity, Love, Equality, and human exultation, all resting upon an ill-understood human dignity. It will be a tumultuous agitation, sterile for the end proposed, but which will benefit the less Utopian exploiters of the people. Yes we can truly say that the Sillon, its eyes fixed on a chimera, brings Socialism in its train.”
(Apostolic Letter Notre Charge Apostolique ["Our Apostolic Mandate"] to the French Bishops, August 15, 1910, condemning the movement Le Sillon)

Benedict XV : Encyclical Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, November 1, 1914, n. 13PIUS XI : Encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931, n. 117Pius XII : “Radio message to the Katholikentag of Vienna,” September 14, 1952 in Discorsi e Radiomessaggi, vol. XIV, p. 314

John XIII : Encyclical Mater et Magistra, May 15, 1961, n. 34

Paul VI : Apostolic Letter Octogesima Adveniens, May 14, 1971, n. 31

John Paul II : Encyclical Centesimus Annus - On the 100th anniversary of Pope Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum, May 1, 1991, n. 12

Benedict XVI : Encyclical Deus Caritas Est, December 25, 2005, n. 28

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